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Disclaimer: This entry had been based from an article in Inquirer dated January 25, 2009

With an article about the popularity of shabu over ecstacy, I got interested in buying the Sunday issue of Inquirer. A fan of the broadsheet, too, I find reading one really interesting but buying it is another story. But since I go to bars and clubs with my girlfriends (and having been discussed about the drugs being sold in Embassy the other night), I thought that I need to know this article.

But after reading the youngness in getting high, my eyes got caught by a famous Korean company -- Hanjin. Not just because I have this special feelings towards our Korean brothers but also because it is one of our clients in the shipping industry. According to the article, another Filipino worker died of an accident in the premises of the said company. A 19-year-old boy got crashed down by a steel door, definitley larger than him because it was for a ship. According to the article still, there were around 40 Pinoy workers who had died in such accidents in Hanjin. A 60-to-40 Filipino-to-Korean ratio of ownership, you will not help but wonder how such inhumane event is being tolerated. And come to think that it happens on our OWN land!

What was more infuriating and disappointing in this event was that the article did not even met the front page of the paper. OUR PEOPLE are being ENSLAVED by ALIENS, for crying out loud! And you claim that the number one job you have is public service? Where the heck is it?

Last year was JPEPA, now this? We better open our eyes, dude, or we will be waking up one day, realizing that we become the comfort women and construction slaves of these monsters!

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