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disclaimer: it will be taking a couple more weeks before i will be able to stop writing about my latest, and almost-coming-to-an-end, one-sided love affair.

the last time i kept in touch with him was just last week, friday. and now it feels like we haven't talked for a month. yeah, well, technically it has been like that, for i was the only one who always bother to start a conversation. i find it hard to stop checking my email every so often, hoping that he would be dropping by, even just to say hi but none happened so far.



"...i so want you right now."
"...i feel overprotective of you."
"...i can't get enough of you. you're like.. my personal brand of heroine."
"'re my life now."
"...i'm a stupid lamb." "and i'm a sick, masucist lion."

getting attracted to buying the book myself. *^^*
i so love edward collin right now. He's the perfect symbol of chivalry in a modern time.

the ideal guy is the perfect monster so far. ^^'
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