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haven't posted for quite sometime now

latest news about me?

thesis, 109 paper (almost there!), coffee prince addiction, jogging and stretching;
trying hard to sing, dance, act, and be artistic;
got 2 calls from the companies [which i really don't want to be in anyway] and a text message from another company;
hoping to receive a call from the companies i want to be in;
striving to still be active in upwc;
crushing 3 guys in a day;
frequent bonding with ate belen;
spacing out.

a! and hoping to receive something on valentine's day
and to have a date for the formal dinner.


purpose of this post? to keep my account alive.

matsuken's comm is really active nowadays. it's because he has L changes the world, don't laugh at my romance, a cm for a jeans brand and for lotte, another upcoming movie, and a whole lot more. whew!

his birthday is drawing near (just like my dues, sheez). hoping to have a budget for that.

happy chinese new year to everyone!!!

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