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On Eyeglasses, Pens, and Mugs

The Amateur

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i'm moody.
i like to stay quiet most of the times.
i don't like boisterous people.
i hate nagging and naggers alike.
i already vowed that i won't ever smoke.
i don't like drinking very much but i don't get tipsy easily.
i'm anemic but i feel more active at night.
i sometimes like to feed my ego but i try my best not to do it anymore.
i hate to bother and annoy anyone and i hate it more when someone tries to piss me off.
my patience is no longer than 5 cm.
my threshold is no wider than a 2-inch-diameter bowl.
i try to understand when people get weird and a little b****y.
i eat cake using chopsticks.
i'm fond of taho, yakult, and strawberry-flavored yogurt drink.
i love ripe mangoes, grapes, and raisins.
i'm a little bit of a perfectionist and OC.
i hate nonsense and stubborn, hard-headed, egocentric, narrow-minded adults.
[more to follow]