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greeting people

in friendster and in lj because i don't have other means of contacting some of my friends.

so, happy christmas and merry new year to all of you.

it's a bit surprising to not feel excited for this coming season.

when i was still a kid, i could already feel the spirit of Christmas even if it is still 100 days away.

now, even if it is already on the next day, i can't feel any excitement.

me dunno.

demo ne, have a blessed break. love your families and friends. shove those petty worries aside 'cause you'll see them again after two weeks anyway.

eat, sleep, and have fun. the moment you're already back in UP, you'll regret it if you didn't feast.

and for those outside the country, may you still have a happy Christmas. =) call your families and friends to greet them. =)

ja ne!
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