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On Eyeglasses, Pens, and Mugs

26th January, 2009. 1:50 pm. HANJIN Issue

Disclaimer: This entry had been based from an article in Inquirer dated January 25, 2009

With an article about the popularity of shabu over ecstacy, I got interested in buying the Sunday issue of Inquirer. A fan of the broadsheet, too, I find reading one really interesting but buying it is another story. But since I go to bars and clubs with my girlfriends (and having been discussed about the drugs being sold in Embassy the other night), I thought that I need to know this article.

But after reading the youngness in getting high, my eyes got caught by a famous Korean company -- Hanjin. Not just because I have this special feelings towards our Korean brothers but also because it is one of our clients in the shipping industry. According to the article, another Filipino worker died of an accident in the premises of the said company. A 19-year-old boy got crashed down by a steel door, definitley larger than him because it was for a ship. According to the article still, there were around 40 Pinoy workers who had died in such accidents in Hanjin. A 60-to-40 Filipino-to-Korean ratio of ownership, you will not help but wonder how such inhumane event is being tolerated. And come to think that it happens on our OWN land!

What was more infuriating and disappointing in this event was that the article did not even met the front page of the paper. OUR PEOPLE are being ENSLAVED by ALIENS, for crying out loud! And you claim that the number one job you have is public service? Where the heck is it?

Last year was JPEPA, now this? We better open our eyes, dude, or we will be waking up one day, realizing that we become the comfort women and construction slaves of these monsters!

Current mood: aggravated.

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29th December, 2008. 5:23 pm. ABUSE OF POWER



The victim's blog entry:





Current mood: aggravated.

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9th December, 2008. 12:55 pm. usual topic

disclaimer: it will be taking a couple more weeks before i will be able to stop writing about my latest, and almost-coming-to-an-end, one-sided love affair.

the last time i kept in touch with him was just last week, friday. and now it feels like we haven't talked for a month. yeah, well, technically it has been like that, for i was the only one who always bother to start a conversation. i find it hard to stop checking my email every so often, hoping that he would be dropping by, even just to say hi but none happened so far.



"...i so want you right now."
"...i feel overprotective of you."
"...i can't get enough of you. you're like.. my personal brand of heroine."
"...you're my life now."
"...i'm a stupid lamb." "and i'm a sick, masucist lion."

getting attracted to buying the book myself. *^^*
i so love edward collin right now. He's the perfect symbol of chivalry in a modern time.

the ideal guy is the perfect monster so far. ^^'

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6th December, 2008. 6:22 pm. ...

ellipses show different kinds of emotions, of thoughts. but basically, they show uncertainties. and what am i uncertain of now? the feeling of sadness and the bad need to cry but there's just the lack of strength to do so. ergo, i now feel that i'm just not sure if i should feel sad and hurt or i just pity myself or i'm just a big heck of a pain-lover that i really love to cry.


bloody me.


why the hell is he ignoring me.

why the fuck is he taking me for granted.

and what pure shit am i to let myself be this way again --

and, fuck it -- it's over and over again.

Current mood: crushed.

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27th November, 2008. 12:19 pm. set you free

is a song originally sang by side a and now is coming back with a touch of mymp. what's good in this new version is that it's acoustic, which adds more emotions into it.

listening deeper into the lyrics, i got moved (because i can relate to it, somehow). i also felt guilty, for i'm constantly trying to push myself towards Jani when he's not reciprocating the feelings in any way. i also began to realize that maybe i'm already giving him a hard time for he doesn't really feel the same way, and here i am, bullying him to like me back. i also came into enlightenment that i'm sacrificing too much of my dignity and myself for this person. and that is really unfair. i started to ask myself why i let myself stay inside the dark pit when i can actually go out and get some fresh air.

maybe that's why i also felt offended when Oppa said that he hates stupid girls. now i realize, so badly, that i had been stupid for Jani, too stupid i almost lost myself.

as what my colleague kristine had shared with me yesterday over a cup of Starbucks coffee, "learn how to love yourself and let things go as natural as they can be. glow in positiveness." she's right. all this time i thought i have so much love to give that i badly need someone to care for, when all along what i should have done is to love myself more. i cannot please everyone and i'm not born to do that. if they don't appreciate me for what i am, that's always their lost. i know my strengths and my flaws. i know my abilities and my limitations. i know my past and i definitely know how to make my future be the way i want it to be. and most especially, i am the only one who knows how to handle my present and how to make the most out of it. if i only have one true friend in this world, then i must be really blessed because i have someone who's real to me than a bunch of fakes.

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28th August, 2008. 9:57 pm. hmm

mind-boggling events.
to resign? or not to resign?

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1st August, 2008. 12:03 am. y'all

yo shorty, it's your birthday.

maligayang kaarawan.

otanjoubi omedetou.

saengil chukha hada.

happy birthday.


Current mood: thankful.

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2nd April, 2008. 11:40 pm. dong hae

...thanks to youtube:

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7th February, 2008. 3:02 am. haven't posted for quite sometime now

latest news about me?

thesis, 109 paper (almost there!), coffee prince addiction, jogging and stretching;
trying hard to sing, dance, act, and be artistic;
got 2 calls from the companies [which i really don't want to be in anyway] and a text message from another company;
hoping to receive a call from the companies i want to be in;
striving to still be active in upwc;
crushing 3 guys in a day;
frequent bonding with ate belen;
spacing out.

a! and hoping to receive something on valentine's day
and to have a date for the formal dinner.


purpose of this post? to keep my account alive.

matsuken's comm is really active nowadays. it's because he has L changes the world, don't laugh at my romance, a cm for a jeans brand and for lotte, another upcoming movie, and a whole lot more. whew!

his birthday is drawing near (just like my dues, sheez). hoping to have a budget for that.

happy chinese new year to everyone!!!

Current mood: accomplished.

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20th December, 2007. 12:25 pm. greeting people

in friendster and in lj because i don't have other means of contacting some of my friends.

so, happy christmas and merry new year to all of you.

it's a bit surprising to not feel excited for this coming season.

when i was still a kid, i could already feel the spirit of Christmas even if it is still 100 days away.

now, even if it is already on the next day, i can't feel any excitement.

me dunno.

demo ne, have a blessed break. love your families and friends. shove those petty worries aside 'cause you'll see them again after two weeks anyway.

eat, sleep, and have fun. the moment you're already back in UP, you'll regret it if you didn't feast.

and for those outside the country, may you still have a happy Christmas. =) call your families and friends to greet them. =)

ja ne!

Current mood: to go home.

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